Should furniture be disassembled when moving?

Should furniture be disassembled when moving?

When preparing for a move with, as a rule, the question arises of the need to disassemble furniture. How to understand which furniture should be disassembled and which should be left assembled? Everything is pretty simple. Furniture is subject to disassembly in several cases.

Furniture does not fit through doorways

Arm yourself with a tape measure and measure the doorways in the old and new apartment, as well as the furniture being transported. If the furniture does not fit through the doorways or does not fit in the elevator car, then it will have to be disassembled.

Furniture takes up a lot of space

The second point that you should pay attention to is the size of the car body. If the car is small, and you have a lot of things and bulky furniture, in this case, if possible, the furniture also needs to be disassembled so that it can be compactly placed in the back.

There is a risk of furniture damage

If you are transporting pieces of furniture that contain glass, mirrors, or other fragile items, there is a risk of them being damaged in transit. Therefore, it is better to disassemble this furniture, remove the glass elements and pack them separately.

Furniture should be disassembled carefully, without using excessive force. When disassembling, be sure to sign all the elements using marking stickers or masking tape. Fold the accessories from each piece of furniture in a separate bag and securely attach to one of the elements. In no case do not put all the accessories in a common package, otherwise it will then be very difficult to establish which piece of furniture it belongs to.