Goodbye to old housing

Goodbye to old housing

Before you move with into a new home, you need to properly say goodbye to the old one. This is necessary to avoid the transition of negativity into a new life. It is better for new settlers to start life from scratch.

There are several ways to properly say goodbye to the old house:

Do a general cleaning. This is a tribute to the old house and a way to neutralize your energy in it.

Young heterosexual couple moving out of the apartment and wrapping up the sofa.

Throw away all the old things that will not be useful in the new house. They tend to store negative energy and spread it.
Prepare a cake on the day of departure and eat it with the whole family. At the time of eating dishes, it is recommended to remember the good moments and joyful events that took place in this house.
The person who is the last to leave the home should “sit down on the path” in order to once again remember all the good events.
Before leaving the old house, it is forbidden to sew, knit and engage in other types of needlework. It is a bad omen before leaving their old home to wash their hair.