5 ways to make office relocation easier for employees

5 ways to make office relocation easier for employees

When moving a company, https://www.flashmoving.net/ most of the time and attention is devoted to the safe movement of goods and other material assets, as well as the comfort of customers. But are you thinking about your employees during this difficult period? If you don’t know what I’m talking about, here is a list of five steps that any company can take to ensure a successful and smooth transition for their employees.

Keep employees updated on the move. Communicate with them even at the stage of planning the move, no matter if it is global or small. Communicate all relevant information quarterly, monthly or even weekly as the move approaches. Ask employees for ideas on how best to relocate their immediate work areas and hear suggestions. Maintain an open door policy when discussing questions and concerns.

You can get in trouble if you expect your employees to carry their own stuff. First, employees most likely don’t have time to complete such a major additional task. This can lead to overload, confusion and reduced productivity. Better let them focus on doing their job. For moving to the maximum, use professional movers.

You can give employees the ability to transport individual items, such as confidential files or technical devices. But make it clear that you leave it to their discretion, and do not oblige.

Moving day is not the only time you can hire professional assistants for your employees. Perhaps they need help with daily chores or moving tasks before and after the big day? Ask if additional help is needed for individual departments or employees.

For example, you can hire a temporary worker to help office workers get rid of old paperwork or clear out filing cabinets. Temporary staff can answer phone calls while the receptionist prepares the reception area for the move. Or freelancers can organize and pack inventory for production staff.

Perhaps your moving company provides ancillary services such as sorting, packing, disassembling and reassembling items during and after the move. Learn about it in advance.


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If the employer does not plan to single-handedly manage the relocation process, he can distribute responsibilities among employees. Therefore, develop a workable plan for the entire team.

Many employers create a relocation committee or task force that oversees work from start to finish. This committee should include people from different departments. By working on logistics together with employees, you will better understand their needs.

Create a written checklist and schedule for each step you need to take before and after moving day. Determine exactly who and when will perform each task. Agree on the course of action with the responsible persons and make sure that the schedule suits them, then make the necessary adjustments so that no one falls out of the schedule.

Moving a company is stressful for management and owners. But don’t let negativity seep into the office. Never take your frustrations out on employees.

Your employees – even if they aren’t the most efficient – are an important part of the team and probably do their best. Let them know that you appreciate the work they regularly do for the company, as well as their extra relocation efforts. Simply asking an employee how they are doing and how the company can help them during the move will go a long way in keeping their spirits up.

Start planning a successful office move with a consultation with an experienced moving company. Find out what you can do before, during, and after your move day to relieve your employees.